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Gestures - Oldies

Our Gestures:

All of our gestures are in zip format. You will have to download the Zip File and then Unzip them and put them in your Gestures File before they will work in Virtual Places. You will need WinZip or some other program to Unzip these files. You can click on the words WinZip if you don't have it you will go to the download page.

Each of our Gestures is numbered on the buttons and on the words sent to the room, hopefully this will make it easier to send and keep up with which one is next. A picture of the button is shown below so it will be easier for you to find them when you first load them .........Occassionally the button is so boring we used the picture in the Lady In Red.........(that button is black with red LIR on it...boring!)

To Download Gestures:
1. RIGHT CLICK on the Picture or Gesture File with the Zip Extension under the picture
2. Click on SAVE TARGET AS
I like to Save to Disk.....Desktop (easy to find here)
3. Then you can use
Win Zip to extract the files
4. Extract them to your VPlaces\Exts\Gestures File
5. Click on your Happy Face Icon

6. Refresh your gesture palette by hitting your F5 key on your keyboard



"Why's Everybody Always Pickin On Me?"

by The Coasters

Cute Animated Clown

Zipped File Contains 6 gestures


"Well I Heard It Through The Grapevine"

The Temptations

Different Pictures of Women on Phone

Zipped File Contains 7 gestures

Great Balls

Of Fire

"Goodness Gracious.......Great Balls of Fire"

Jerry Lee Lewis

Animated Balls & Woman Flashing - One of us says she's nude

one says only 1/2 nude....not sure

Zipped File Contains 7 gestures


"Hello My Friends Hello"

Neil Diamond

Each gesture illustrated with couples pictures

Zipped File Contains 6 gestures

Jail House


"Everybody In The Whole Cell Block Was Dancing To The Jail House Rock"

Elvis Presley

Great Rocking Jail Pictures

Zipped File Contains 5 gestures

Lady In


"Lady In Red Is Dancing With Me"

Chris De Burgh

Couple Dancing Picture

Zipped File Contains 17 gestures



"Hahahahaawwwwww Limbo Lower Now...How Low Can You Go?"

Chubby Checkers

Animated Frog.......super fun

Zipped File Contains 6 Gestures

Save The Last

Dance For Me

"So Darling, Save The Last Dance For Me"

The Drifters

Fun Animated Couple Dancing

Zipped File Contains 7 Gestures

Only You

"Only You Can Make This Change In Me"

The Platters

Animated Heart

Zipped File Contains 11 Gestures

Lost That



You've Lost That Lovin Feeling.......Whooooooa That Loving Feeling

The Righteous Bros

Various Pictures

Zip File Contains 7 Gestures


"These Boots Are Made For Walking"

Nancy Sinatra

Dinasour Running...........

think someone with boots is chasing him

Zip File Contains 5 Gestures

TexasBuns & Pr1mes

This Page was created 4/20/98

Updated 7/2/98

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